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By-Laws of the Chicago BEC

SECTION 1: Organization
  1. BEC Chicago will be organized as a standing subcommittee of the Technical Issues Knowledge Community - Chicago Chapter of the AIA and shall describe itself in its documents and correspondence using the following language “BEC: Chicago, a Committee of AIA Chicago cooperating with BETEC, National Institute of Building Sciences and The American Institute of Architects.”
  2. BEC Chicago will be an autonomous from the National AIA and NIBS regarding any revenues (from seminars, meetings, etc.) and expenses.
SECTION 2: BEC Chicago is intended to:
  1. To participate within the network of established Councils or professional groups across the US in order to promote the exchange of information and technology.
  2. Provide a focus/forum at the local level for those with an interest in the Enclosure (Envelope) of Buildings (all buildings) and the related Building Science
  3. Promote and encourage discussion, training, education, technology transfer, and the exchange of information about regional (Great Lakes and surrounding areas) issues and cases, relevant weather conditions, and all matters concerning the building enclosure and the related science;
  4. Initiate and promote cross-disciplinary and cross-responsibility dialogue, i.e., laterally between professions, and vertically among designers, manufacturers, suppliers, fabricators, constructors, building operators, developers, insurers, and others with an interest in the building enclosure; and
  5. Facilitate improvements with respect to process, namely, inspection, approvals, codes, regulations, standards, liability matters, and the like for matters that affect the building enclosure.
SECTION 3: Officers and Terms:
  1. BEC Chicago will be governed by a Board of Directors, elected from a majority (greater than 50%) of the BEC membership that participate in the election. Director’s terms shall be a period of two years beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31. Elected Board members may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms within any one board position. The elected Board of Directors shall be as follows:
    1. The Chairperson: Must be a Member, Associate Member or Affiliate Member of AIA Chicago. Term begins on January 1 of even numbered years. The Chairperson is not elected, but becomes Chair after being elected as Vice Chair
    2. The Vice-Chair - Chairperson-Elect: Elected to secede the Chairperson. Term begins on January 1 of even numbered years. Must be a Member, Associate Member or Affiliate Member of AIA Chicago at the time of his/her elevation to Chairperson.
    3. Secretary: Term begins on January 1 of even numbered years.
    4. Treasurer: Term begins on January 1 of odd numbered years.
    5. All elected Board Members shall have voting rights.
  2. Non-Elected Board Members:
    1. The Chairperson of AIA Chicago’s Technical Issues Knowledge Community shall be invited to participate as a voting Board Member of the Chicago BEC.
    2. The Past Chairperson of AIA Chicago’s BEC shall be invited to participate as a voting Board Member.
    3. Committee Chairs may also be invited to attend Board Meetings, but shall have no voting rights in Board decisions or other procedural matters, unless so approved by the elected Board Members.
  3. The Board of Directors shall meet regularly as may be necessary, but not less than quarterly at a time and place established by the Secretary. Board Meetings shall be presided over by the Chairperson or Vice-Chair in the absence of the Chairperson. A quorum of two thirds of the Board of Directors must be present for any voting actions.
SECTION 4: Election of Officers / Vacant Appointments:
  1. The Secretary shall hold elections for board officers within three months of the term ending date. Elections shall be by secret ballot and will be limited to a 30 day voting / balloting process. Electronic or written methods of balloting are acceptable. Announcement of the result(s) shall be within one week of the close of election balloting.
    1. Election results will be developed based on a 50% majority of BEC membership, participating in the election.
  2. Resignation: Any Board Member may resign his/her position for personal or professional reasons with notification to the Chairperson or a member of the Board.
  3. Vacant Board Positions: The Chairperson may appoint qualified people to fill vacant board positions to fill out any remaining term limit. Appointed board positions are eligible to run for and be elected to any Board position.
SECTION 5: Duties of the Officers:
  1. Chairperson:
    1. Presides over Board of Directors;
    2. Develops agenda for Advisory Committee meetings.
    3. The BEC Chicago Chair or his/her delegate will serve as the liaison to BETEC for all matters including notes, newsletters, dues, national and local events and activities, and matters of national significance. The Chair will also serve as an ex-officio member of the National Board of BETEC.
    4. The BEC Chicago Chair or his/her delegate will serve as the liaison to the National AIA for all matters including notes, newsletters, dues, national and local events and activities, and matters of national significance. Preferably this person should also be a member of the AIA Building Science Knowledge Community.
  2. Vice-Chair / Chairperson Elect:
    1. Assumes the role of Chairperson when required.
    2. Monitors committee and program activities.
    3. Creates vision for future role/goals of BEC.
  3. Secretary:
    1. Record and distribute the minutes of the meetings of the Board; maintain the membership directory and handle official correspondence.
    2. Responsible to call for, coordinate, and secure balloting for elections.
  4. Treasurer:
    1. Receive and deposit all income and payments.
    2. Pay all approved bills and expenditures.
    3. Coordinate fundraising as may be necessary.
    4. Report annually to the BEC Board of Directors and the AIA Board of Directors on funds received and expended.
SECTION 6: Meetings
  1. BEC meetings shall be held monthly or as decided upon by the Board and Program administrator. Meetings shall be conducted to further the goals and the Charter of the Building Envelope Councils.
  2. There shall be one meeting annually, dedicated to the business of the Council. This annual business meeting shall be established by the Board of Directors and presided over by the Chairperson or his/her designated representative.
SECTION 7: Council Committees:
  1. The Board of Directors shall establish Committees as may be required for the operation of the Council; for special events; or as is necessary to meet the goals and objectives of the Council. Chairpersons for committee’s shall be appointed by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.
  2. Committees will be established to service monthly or special programs; membership; or website activities.
SECTION 8: Dues, Fees and Expenses:
  1. BEC-Chicago shall not profit from its organization or activities.
  2. No annual dues or fees shall be required to be a member of the Council.
  3. On the occasion of a special monetary event; the BEC Treasurer shall develop procedures to cover approved expenses for such event(s) within the following parameters:
    1. All BEC funds collected will be deposited with AIA Chicago, and the BEC Treasurer will record and monitor such collects and transfers.
    2. Any expenses shall be funded through the AIA Chicago – utilizing BEC deposits and all expenditures shall require majority approval by the voting BEC Board Members.
    3. AIA Chicago requires dual approval from BEC Chairperson and BEC Treasurer.
SECTION 9: Amendments or Changes to the By-Laws:
  1. Changes in the By-Laws of BEC-Chicago may be recommended to the Board of Directors by any active member of the Council. Recommendations, changes or amendments shall be made in writing and directed to the attention of the Board Secretary.
  2. The Board will review any proposed amendment or change and provide to the BEC Chicago membership a recommendation for acceptance or rejection.
  3. By-Law changes must be approved by a total of seventy five percent (75%) of the BEC active rostered membership at the time of the proposed change, or a minimum of 75% of all BEC members responding to the By-Law change.
  4. Any By-Law change or amendment will be published by the Secretary and distributed to the membership and to AIA Chicago.
End of By-Laws Approved by the membership of the Chicago BEC Council June 2010 Recorded with AIA Chicago – June 2010.