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AIA_PLAZA_RESTORATION_AM_EN_201908_V1_KC_0.pdf Plaza Deck Restoration Nov 23, 2021
AIA_BLINDSIDE_WATERPROOFING_CHALLENGES_AM_EN_201908_V1_KC.pdf The Challenges of Blind-Side Waterproofing Aug 04, 2021
Webinar Information Below-Grade and Plaza Deck Waterproofing May 12, 2021
AIA_PLAZA_RESTORATION_AM_EN_201908_V1_KC.pdf Plaza Deck Restoration Apr 22, 2021
AIA_BLINDSIDE_WATERPROOFING_CHALLENGES_AM_EN_201908_V1_2.pdf Challenges of Blind-Side Waterproofing Mar 11, 2021
AIA_BELOWGRADE_PLAZADECK_AM_EN_201908_V1_0.pdf Below-Grade and Plaza Deck Waterproofing Feb 25, 2021
AIA_BLINDSIDE_WATERPROOFING_CHALLENGES_AM_EN_201908_V1_1.pdf Challenges of Blind-Side Waterproofing Feb 04, 2021
AIA_BELOWGRADE_PLAZADECK_AM_EN_201908_V1.pdf Below-Grade and Plaza Deck Waterproofing Jan 14, 2021
AIA_GREENROOFS_AM_EN_201908_V1_0.pdf Green Roof Technologies Dec 03, 2020
Outline Green Roof Systems Nov 05, 2020
Open file to access link to download copy of presentation “By Others” – The Elusive Sub-contractor Responsible for Transitions Oct 09, 2020
Quast Thermal Analysis PP 9-10-20.pdf Specifying Thermal Analysis for Commercial Fenestration Products Sep 11, 2020
AIA_BLINDSIDE_WATERPROOFING_CHALLENGES_AM_EN_201908_V1_0.pdf Challenges of Blind-Side Waterproofing Aug 27, 2020
AIA_BLINDSIDE_WATERPROOFING_CHALLENGES_AM_EN_201908_V1.pdf Challenges of Blind-Side Waterproofing Jul 30, 2020
CETCO AIA Below Grade and Plaza Deck Waterproofing Presentation Synopsis.pdf Below-Grade and Plaza Deck Waterproofing Jun 25, 2020
Facades-Seminar-v1.jpg Facades Educational Seminar Featuring Dr. Joseph Lstiburek Jun 18, 2019
WitBW announcement_20181126.jpg Women in the Built World Symposium Feb 01, 2019
1-14-19 IMOLA Ventilated Facades Flyer.pdf IMI MASONRY MONDAY --- Ventilated Facades Using Porcelain: Design & Construction Considerations Jan 14, 2019
designsmart digital flyer.pdf DesignSmart Nov 08, 2018
DELTA Academy Chicago Flyer EMAILABLE.pdf Advanced Building Performance Program/The Perfect Wall Oct 30, 2018